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Expertise Across Industries

LEGO Construction is a multi-talented general contractor that provides construction services across a diverse range of commercial divisions. Our team of qualified professionals are capable of managing projects traversing all types of industries. The LEGO Construction team’s expertise in project management has established trust among our past and current clients. Our professionalism and reliability will continue to ensure future clients of our ability to deliver high quality work.

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Transportation & Ports

Security is a fundamental issue throughout the transportation industry, and it is especially critical at our nation’s ports. LEGO Construction recognizes the importance of maintaining safe and secure ports, and works within strict technical requirements to complete air and marine transportation projects to keep them operating without interruption. Our team is knowledgeable on the clearance and coordination required to execute complex projects at airports and seaports, and the skill and expertise of LEGO Construction professionals has proven successful in delivering cost-effective projects in facilities that operate around the clock. We understand the extreme need for these transportation facilities to experience minimal operational  disruption; therefore, we perform with exceptional diligence to execute all projects without delay.

As a multi-year contract holder for Miami-Dade Aviation Facilities since 2014, LEGO has performed all types of airport and taxiway projects. One primary location for this contract is Miami International Airport, where we consistently receive high marks from the client for performing on time and on budget.

LEGO Construction has been performing work in the Seaport terminals for the last seven years. As one of our most longstanding client relationships, the Miami-Dade County Seaport department has returned to LEGO time and again over the years. The Port of Miami is the busiest port in the US for both passenger traffic and cruise lines, and our experience there has required our team to work at the highest levels of security and access control, while maintaining proper traffic flow for passengers and port workers during construction.

Every LEGO employee has an active Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card at all times.


Work within correctional facilities requires significant security measures to maintain the safety of inmates, staff, and construction personnel during construction. Because of the potential danger of working in prisons and jails, LEGO’s employees all undergo background checks before being allowed on the jobsite, and an extensive inventory of tools is taken at the beginning and end of each work day. Unlike projects in other industries, an escort is required to move around the facility, and extra measures are required during demolition and fence removals to ensure that all prisoners are contained.

LEGO has performed multiple Correctional Department projects and is very accustomed to these heightened security measures and procedures. We have a preferred list of subcontractors, each of whom is also familiar with these measures, and our projects typically move quickly due to our focus on time management at the check-in and check-out points. In addition, we encourage all subcontractors to leave tools in the locked box inside the facility so as few tools as possible need to move in and out of the prison or jail.

Public Housing

LEGO is currently performing work on a multi-year Job Order Contract for Miami-Dade Public Housing, and has completed many construction and renovation projects for public housing developments throughout our region. As local Miami contractors, our experience includes remodels, upgrades, construction work, site improvements (parking lots, driveways, lighting), exterior masonry rehabilitation, roof replacements, door replacements, and interior layouts.

These projects are challenging because renovations must be done in buildings that are occupied 24/7. LEGO takes special care to minimize disruptions to these tenants’ daily life, and also ensures that site safety is kept at the highest levels (because often many of the residents are children). In addition, these projects typically have very tight deadlines due to funding requirements.


Education is a vital component to investing in our local communities. LEGO Construction is dedicated to the construction and renovation of educational institutions to provide state of the art facilities to South Florida’s students. We have performed successful projects for school districts and colleges throughout the region and understand the project delivery methods, working within the school district’s agendas, and how to organize maintenance of traffic on occupied campuses. Our mission is to continue our reach in education to further our commitment better the scholastic experience of youth.

Historical Buildings

Historic building restoration and preservation projects require a much different approach than new construction and renovation. LEGO is experienced in restoring buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and understands the very specialized requirements in materials and methods needed to match the original look of the building. Our knowledge of coatings as well as cleaning and restoration techniques have played a key role in bringing these buildings not only back to their original appearance, but also in becoming more energy efficient and structurally sound. Recently we completed a very complex restoration that required using highly customized materials and techniques to restore the aesthetic and structural integrity of an occupied museum.

Parks and Recreation

Public park projects generally require earthmoving, installation of new structures and enclosures, landscaping, and sometimes, construction or renovation of buildings for public use. LEGO Construction provides the full spectrum of capabilities to complete any parks and recreation project, whether it calls for a few new benches and play area or several baseball fields with bleachers and a snack bar. No matter the complexity, one thing remains the same: LEGO treats each project as if it is the only one, and ensures that we deliver successful results to our clients.

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