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Ten Years of Delivering on Promises

LEGO Construction Co. was founded on strong values of ethics and integrity. We believe that treating people right is the key to success.

LEGO Construction Co. was founded in January 2006 by Luis Garcia, a motivated Project Manager at Turner Construction who was hungry for an opportunity and a challenge. He structured the firm with a strong value system based on integrity, hard work, staff development, and partnership, and over the past decade, it is very evident that these values have been integral to our success. Because of our strong relationships with clients and the dedication by our incredible team of professionals, we’ve flourished during recent economic times that have been challenging for many construction companies. We take the greatest pride in the partnerships we’ve created and our strong belief in bringing a unique and unparalleled value and commitment to each project.

Bonding Capacity

Performance and Payment Bonding is provided by Liberty Mutual Surety.

  • 12 million – Single Limit
  • 30 million – Aggregate

Client Based Approach

We understand that it is no easy feat to select a construction contractor. When it comes to your project, there is a lot on the line – your facility, your budget, your end users, your stress levels, and even your job. We know that you can’t afford risk, and you don’t want surprises. As a service-inspired firm that believes in a team-driven approach, we focus on what is really important – not by working in our own lane alongside you, but by working collaboratively with you to build a partnership that achieves extraordinary results.

For this reason, we believe that for our clients and our continued success, establishing a trusting relationship ranks highest on our list. We want you to be assured that when we commit to your project, we will treat it as if it is the only one we have, providing you with high quality resources to execute ​successfully to meet your goals.